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We are a Direct Lender for Real Estate

Rodeo Capital, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading Private Money Lenders! We are well capitalized and make quick in house decisions. We issue most LOI’s (letters of intent) within 24 hours and don’t accept deals that we can’t fund! We are the lender so we make all of the decisions in house and do not have to rely on outside investors to fund our deals! We have flexible terms with programs available in most cities NATIONWIDE.

Do you have a Hard Money Scenario that needs a quick funding? Rodeo Capital is one of the Nations Leading Private Money Lenders with currently over $200 million in Loans on our books. We are liquid and looking to deploy even more Capital before years end on Quality Hard Money Situations Nationwide. We are Quick, Flexible and most important reliable.

We issue LOI’s in less than 48hrs.

Are You a Broker?

Rodeo Capital makes it easy to work with us.
We are reliable, flexible and expeditious.
Receive an LOI’s in less than 48hrs.

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