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Rodeo Capital, Inc. Closes a $2,451,000 Business Purpose SFR Construction in Sherman Oaks, California.


Property Type

Loan Type

August 29, 2017

The subject property when built will be a 7,000 sq ft highly appointed 6 bed/ 5.5 Bath home with a pool, outdoor fire pit, pool house, BBQ area, gym, office and sauna. Experienced Borrower with over 15 Successful Builds. Rodeo Capital allowed a small 2nd Trust Deed to help bridge the funding requirements. New loan by Rodeo Capital refinanced the current mortgage and provided the full construction funds needed to build this beautiful home. Borrower will sell the property once completed as an exit to our loan as he has done with all his other homes that he has built.

Deal Highlights

  • 64% Loan to After Completed Value
  • Full Interest Reserves
  • Fund Controlled Construction
  • Experienced Borrower with over 15 Successful Builds.


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