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Rodeo Capital’s real estate investment strategies are designed to maximize returns on attractive first-position real estate loans. It is our mission to provide investors with a sound investment that is the product of conservative underwriting, a comfortable margin of equity, and a hands on approach to management.

We deploy that capital as an asset-based direct lender that specializes in commercial and residential real estate bridge loans with a maximum loan to value of 65% always in first position.

Debt & Equity Investment Strategies

When you invest in debt, you are lending funds to an owner or purchaser of real estate. You receive monthly interest payments from the owner and a security recorded against the property in the form of a mortgage. At the end of the mortgage term, you get back the balance of your mortgage principal.

An equity investment, on the other hand, represents ownership interest in the property. When you are an equity investor, you have the potential of reaping rewards of asset appreciation.


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