Multiple Investment Opportunities

When you invest in Portfolio Fund, you are lending capital to an entire portfolio of loans backed by real estate. You receive monthly distribution payments from borrowers and a security recorded against the property in the form of a mortgage. As loans get paid off, you are reimbursed the balance of your mortgage principal allowing you to withdraw your funds or to redeploy them on new projects.

Another key aspect of the Fund is that all investors are Pari Passu (equal) with equal ownership of the Fund. Not only that, your portfolio enjoys the benefits of loan type diversification, geographical diversification and property type diversification as opposed to investing all your capital into one project at the time. Currently, due to remarkable performance of the Fund, your investment enjoys a 46% downside protection against market fluctuations.

Lastly, you will have piece of mind knowing that the Fund is audited annually and that there is a third-party administrator to control all its transactions.


251 Loans Funded


174 Loans Paid Off


77 Loans In  Progress

8% – 8.5%

Projected Net Yield

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